Connected Energies – Our Story
Connected Energies Founder Leanne
Connected Energies founder - Leanne.

Born from humble beginnings on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Connected Energies commenced in early 2019.

Initially, founder and director, Leanne Bippus, focused her efforts on building both her Reiki and Crystal Healing business from her studio at home, however, when Covid-19 broke out in late February 2020, she quickly realized that people were looking to crystals for inner healing in their homes. Due to the pandemic, were forced to isolate themselves at home, particularly in Victoria, for extended periods of time.

Leanne quickly realized that because of this trend, people were looking for alternative energies, to bring positivity and cleansing qualities into their homes. People’s homes had really become their sanctuaries and crystals formed an integral part of creating a positive, calm and relaxing environment at home.

When launching her crystal business, Leanne focused on several things, which have always been important in her life:

- Sourcing ethically.
- Providing the highest quality crystals on the market.
- Selecting pieces that speak to her.

Leanne has aligned herself with great quality suppliers, who meet these needs and her fundamentals are reflected in her product offering. When sourcing her crystals, Leanne handpicks each and every crystal. Her theory is “if it doesn’t speak to me, I don’t pick it”. This includes each and every tumble stone, which is why she spends a full day with her supplier, every time she purchases new stock.

Once Leanne brings the crystals home, they are all washed, sun dried, charged and smudged.

It is a painstaking and time-consuming process, however, the new custodian of each crystal can rest assured that it has been lovingly cared for and prepared for its new home.

More recently, due to significant demand, Connected Energies have added a beautiful range of jewellery, including rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants.

If you’re looking for a special crystal or a present for someone special, Connected Energies can also source this for you. Just drop Leanne a line on her mobile (0473 242659), via email on connectedenergies@iinet.net.au or via Instagram on @connectedenergies.