Black Tourmaline tumble stones on white background

Black Tourmaline

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Grounding. Protection. Removing spiritual blockages. Helps with stress. Reduces Fear. Releases negative thoughts. Purification. Sabibity. Security.

Chakra: Root

All crystals need cleansing and recharging. To obtain the highest vibration from your crystals, you need to give them some extra special love now and again. Crystals hold energy from anyone or anything that they have come into contact with. Although we cleanse and charge your crystals prior to them starting their journey to you, we highly recommend you cleanse them prior to use. 

How do you do this? It’s easy, very rewarding and it also connects you to your crystal.

Running Water – Make sure the water isn’t running too fast or is too cold (slight turn to the hot setting). Hold your crystal under the stream of the flow for 15 – 20 seconds.

Salt Water – if you don’t live by the ocean, add some salt to a bowl of water. Place your crystal into the bowl for 5 – 10 minutes. After you have done that, rinse the water off and wipe over with a soft cloth. The energy from salt water is a beautiful gift to give your crystals.

Smudging – the ancient healing techniques of smudging work lovingly on your crystals. White sage brings a very nurturing sensation. As you wave it over your crystals, inhale the aroma and cleanse your own energy.

Visualisation – Picture a bright white light washing over your crystals, releasing any negative energy that may be within your crystals or yourself. Use your intuition to know when your crystal is cleared.

Moonlight – An easy and safe process. You can place your crystals outside under the moonlight or in a window. This is also a good reminder to cleanse your crystals – full moon is an ideal cleansing time. Don’t forget to collect them in the morning.

Charging – Mother nature, the sun & the moon. Selenite or Clear Quartz