Koshi Chime - Aria (Air)

Koshi Chime - Aria (Air)

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The Koshi chime is an authentic musical instrument.  Manufactured in France, at the foor of the Pyrenean Mountains.  Each chime is a result of meticulous craftsmanship.  Precise tuning creates a play of clear tones that is Ricky in overtones.

The sound cylinder is made from bamboo veneer that gives the chime a deep sound and a long spherical resonance.  The bamboo has been treated with ecological oil.

Why would you purchase a Koshi chime?

- Relaxing - settling the mind, body and soul

- Cleanse your crystals

- Used by Reiki practitioners

- Used in Meditation practise

- Yoga Practise

- Baby's Nursery

How do I use it?

Hold the ring or the cord, relax the hand and gently move.  It can also be suspended, thus allowing Mother Nature to play you a tune.  Koshi also comes in three other tunes:

- Terra (Earth)

- Aqua (Water)

- Ignis (Fire)

Each has it's own magic timber and can be played harmoniously with one another.