Maisy Teardrop Ring
Maisy Teardrop Ring
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Maisy Teardrop Ring

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Our Moonstone pieces are of the highest quality and one way to make sure you have purchased a genuine piece, is with the layering in the stone. Check for the orthoclase and albite that hold each other within the composition of the stone. All our Moonstone will have a flash of blue, that will dance in the light.

In some of our Moonstones, the spectrum of flash (colour within the stone) can range from gold, green, orange or pink. 

Set in Sterling Silver 925 - An alloy composed by weight of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% other Metals, usually Copper. The Sterling Silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of  925.

Moonstone can go in water, as it MOHS is 6 - 6.5, however we do not recommend you wear in the salt water or the shower. 

The Goddess Stone - she will help you work through your emotions and also connects you to your feminine energy. You will feel more inline with yourself, giving you clarity, truth and hope for New Beginnings.

Although her energy is soft and nurturing, don't mistake it for being week, she is a very powerful stone and will guide you to step into your own feminine power. 

A beautiful fertility stone (regularate cycle and balancing hormones), you can wear alone or pair back with any of the following:

  • Amethyst -  calming and soothing energy
  • Carnelian - encouraging conception
  • Citrine - dealing with mood swings and lifting your spirits
  • Clear Quartz - set your intentions and raise your vibration
  • Fluorite - balancing mood swings and boosting reproductive system
  • Garnet -  increasing your libido and clearing out blockages
  • Jade - luck and balance
  • Lepidolite  - a blanket of calm
  • Rhodonite - confidence with birthing
  • Rose Quartz - cradled yourself in loving energy
  • Selenite - protector of pregnancy and motherhood
  • Unakite - healthy and harmonious pregnancy

Important Note: Your moonstone jewellery may have hairlines in it. This is not a crack, this is an integral part of the stone. It is layers of minerals that create the beauty of your stone.