Moroccan Quart Geode on white background

Moroccan Quartz Geode 5.5kg

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Sourced from Morocco, this single natural Geode is split open to reveal two beautiful natural quartz caves. Many call this 'The Friendship Rock', as they often gift one half to a loved one, "although we are apart, we will always be whole."

Due to it being a cave, the Moroccan Quartz Geode is a beautiful space to cleanse your jewellery. They are known for their feminine energy due to the cavity, which is believed to represent the womb, making this a beautiful gift for expectant mothers.

Moroccan Quartz Geodes are also great for creating Chi (life force) energy in your home. The Geode will create a calm and clear mind, leaving you feeling relaxed and focused. She is perfect for mediation or any low impact exercise, using her white rays of healing light. Geodes will also assist to align the chakras and a great crystal for healers to have in their studios.

Cleanse with Selenite, Sage or under the Full Moon.