Tongue Drum - 12" Purple

Tongue Drum - 12" Purple

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Anyone Can Play
If you want to play a tune, follow the music book, if you just enjoy the peaceful sounds of a Tongue Drum, allow your intuition to guide you.  This beautiful drum is a 12", 11 note, C major, manufacture of titanium steel.

Does Sound Healing Work?

What Is The History Behind Sound Healing?

History pages tell us, the practice originated in Tibetan and Himalayan cultures. Monks have used brass signing bowls in ceremonies for centuries. It has been affirmed, that signing bowls have healing benefits due to the vibrational sound

Sound Healing on the scientific side, was founded by Sir Peter Guy Manners back in the 1960’s. His studies used audible voice frequency, he believed that sound stimulated the body’s natural healing abilities.
If you do need a scientific reason as to how the vibration of sound can affect the body, this may help.
The Right Hand side of the auditory cortex (receiving & processing) interprets the pitch - melody, harmony & rhythm. The Left Hand auditory (sensitive to tonality) side of the brain reacts to quick changes of frequency - low & high.
There is also scientific evidence that sound healing like tongue drums, singing bowls & chimes, have an effect on delta brainwaves, which is associated with deep relaxation.